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Invite Service Providers

Service Providers are the individuals or companies hired to carry out specific tasks at your properties. These tasks may include housekeeping, gardening, maintenance, linen service, catering and so much more.

Before sending jobs to service providers, you must first send the service provider an invitation to work with you on Checklist.

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Create Detailed Checklists

Create electronic to-do-lists for your service providers. Add images to give service providers a better idea of what needs to be done. There will be no more guesswork about the tasks that are assigned to them.

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Automate Job Assignments

Spend less time scheduling service providers by setting up Assignment Rules. Assignment Rules will automatically create and send jobs to your selected Service Providers. Checklist can send jobs to all service providers selected using a First Come, First Serve Strategy- where any service provider selected can accept the job, or using a Priority List Strategy which allows for a round-robin style selection.

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Get detailed Feedback

Stay informed about the job progress and review feedback from Service providers. Service will mark tasks as completed, add comments to each task and add images to show completed tasks.

You may review images, comments and incident reports as soon as they're submitted by the Service Provider. No need to wait until the job is finished.

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Pay Service Providers

Checklist allows you to manage the entire job process, from scheduling to payments. Pay your service provider invoices using your debit or credit card in just a few clicks.

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Review incidents reports

Review the details of Incident Reports and accompanying images submitted by Service Providers. Incident reports allow for proper reporting and documentation of any unusual occurrence. Incident Reports are instantly available to you once submitted by the Service Provider.

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Accept & Complete Jobs

Accept and complete jobs sent by Clients. Clients will be notified whenever a job is accepted or completed. As a Service provider, you will be able to reassign jobs to other users of your account.

Jobs will include a detailed checklist from your client describing each task to be completed. Your Client may also attach an image to each task- this is their way of letting you know how the finished task should look.

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Provide Detailed Feedback

When completing jobs, you can provide feedback to your Clients in multiple formats. You may mark each task as completed, add a comment to each task, and add an image to each task.Adding an image is a great way to confirm that you have done exactly what was described by the Client. You may also submit Incident Reports to your Client if there are any unusual occurrences at the property.

Checklist provides your Client with real time updates. This means that your Client will be able to view the completed tasks, comments and images you�ve added as soon as you�ve submitted them.

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Get Paid

Connect your Stripe account to receive payments from Clients. Send your Client an invoice before/during/after the job. Your Client will pay the invoice using their debit and credit card, and the funds will be routed to your Stripe account. No fees/commissions will be charged to your account.

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Available for your

Stay connected- Checklist Mobile app allows you to manage jobs and scheduling when you�re on-the-go. Available for free for iOS and Android.