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As a Service Provider, you will periodically receive invitations from Clients. Clients are those companies or individuals who will hire you to perform a service at their properties. Clients will first send you an invitation to work with them on Checklist, followed by job requests. The following modules are only visible to Administrator users on your Service Provider account.

View Client Invitations

Client Invitations will show in the Invitations table on your Dashboard. Click the Checklist Icon at the top right of your page to go to the Dashboard.

View Existing Clients

  1. Click Clients in the left navigation bar. Here you'll see a list of the clients you're currently working with on Checklist.
  2. Click into a Client to view the Client's company details.
  3. Navigate to the Projects tab of the client overlay to view all jobs from that Client. From this tab, you may accept, decline, start, or complete jobs.

Assign/Reassign Jobs

From the Projects tab, you may also reassign jobs to other users on your account.

  1. Select the jobs you would like to assign/ reassign.
  2. Click the Reassign button.
  3. Select a user from the 'Reassign to' dropdown.
  4. Click Reassign.

That's it!

- The user will be notified that they've been assigned to those job(s).

- Notifications will be sent via email/text depending on the user's settings.

- The user will be automatically assigned to the job, they do not have the option of accepting or declining.

As always, please contact us with questions at any time. We're happy to help.

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