Property Care Made Easy.

Automate your property operations and maintenance by allowing Checklist to schedule your service providers. No more hassle- we’ve got you covered.

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Always Putting Out Fires

  • Too much time spent coordinating and communicating with service providers.
  • Confusing ‘To-Do’ lists, or verbal instructions that are quickly forgotten.
  • Service providers forgetting to complete specific tasks.
  • Too many tasks not being completed correctly.
  • No way to schedule and track all jobs needed- cleaning, maintenance, gardening, etc.
  • Trouble finding which service provider is available for a job.

Property Care Made Easy

  • Automated and manual job creation & cancellation.
  • Visual checklists to ensure tasks are completed as intended.
  • Job and task reminders for service providers.
  • Track job progress in real-time, and ensure quality by reviewing task images or incident reports submitted by service providers.
  • Add unlimited service providers from any service industry- housekeeping, gardening, maintenance and so much more.
  • Automatically send jobs to another service provider, if your prefered service provider is unavailable.

What We Offer

Our operations and services platform automates
the messiness of property care so you can focus on what really matters.

Visual Checklists

Create detailed to-do lists for your service providers by add text and images.


Set up assignment rules to automatically create and send jobs to selected Service Providers.

Incident Reports

Review the details of incident reports and any accompanying images submitted by Service Providers.

Manual Job Assignments

Create jobs manually at any time, for any property.

Real time Updates

Receive progress updates for jobs in real time.


Pay your service provider invoices using a debit or credit card.

Our Key Features

You are minutes away from putting your
property management on autopilot.

Automate Job Assignments

Spend less time scheduling service providers by setting up an assignment rule. Assignment Rules will automatically create and send jobs to your selected Service Providers. Checklist can send jobs to all service providers selected using a first come, first serve strategy, where any service provider selected can accept the job, or using a priority list strategy which allows for a round-robin style selection.

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Pay Service Providers

Checklist allows you to manage the entire job process, from scheduling to payments. Pay your service provider invoices using your debit or credit card in just a few clicks.

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Review Incident Reports

Review the details of incident reports and accompanying images submitted by Service Providers. Incident reports allow for proper reporting and documentation of any unusual occurrence. These reports are instantly available to Clients once submitted by the Service Provider.

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How it works for

Service Providers

Assign jobs

Incident Reports

Service Provider payments

Work with
an unlimited number of Clients

additional users

Complete jobs

Client Payments

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Stay connected- Checklist Mobile app allows you to manage jobs and scheduling when you’re on-the-go. Available for free for iOS and Android.